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Global Destination Sustainability Movement

ConnectSeven are the exclusive providers of the Global Destination Sustainability Movement services within Canada and the United States.

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The Global Destination Sustainability Movement is a transformation platform that engages, inspires and enables destinations to become more regenerative, flourishing and resilient places to visit, meet and live in.

The GDS-Movement serves to accelerate the transformation from destination marketing at whatever cost, towards destination management and stewardship with shared value.

Our mission is to promote and develop the regenerative strategies, skillsets and mindsets that will support destinations of the future.



The GDS-Index is the leading sustainability benchmarking and improvement programme for destinations around the world. It is used to assess current social and environmental performance of a destination, and then to drive improved performance. It is a powerful tool for clients to assess the sustainability of destinations to visit or meet in.

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Having worked with over +60 destinations, we understand the journey needed to transform a destination’s visitor economy into a regenerative force. Our role is to support destination management organisations on this journey, helping to define a vision and strategy, build capacity, engage stakeholders, and communicate efforts.

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The GDS-Forum is a meeting of minds that brings together tourism and event management professionals to exchange knowledge, share best practices and stimulate innovation about the creation, management and marketing of more regenerative, resilient and sustainable destinations.

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The GDS-Academy provides leading-edge training for event and destination management professionals to turn sustainability concepts into action. Check out our upcoming courses to stay ahead of the curve and learn about regenerative systems thinking and operational practices.

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GDS-Certify is a third-party sustainability certification for business tourism, events and meeting destinations that is powered by EarthCheck science and software, and underpinned by the GSTC destination criteria.

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For more information contact Alexis Kereluk at:

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