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Sustainable Destination Development

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The Future has Arrived

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A quickly changing demographic

A vastly different marketplace

A whole new set of expectations

  • Net-zero requirements
  • Inclusive policies
  • Community benefit mandates

Is Your Destination Ready?

As tourism, events, and sustainable destination experts, we are uniquely positioned to help your destination move forward into the future with sustainability and a regenerative visitor economy.

Our Sustainable Destination Development services include:

  • Market research
  • Trend analysis
  • Feasibility studies
  • Brand development
  • Community engagement
  • Community benefits framework
  • Sustainability framework
  • International market entry & expansion
  • Channel development
  • Target outreach
  • Partnership development

Sustainable Destinations Framework

Tourism and Destination Experts

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Destinations that Attract Tourism, Events, and Business

New opportunities

Is there any doubt the destination marketplace is undergoing a fast-moving sea of change? Tourism has been disrupted. Rural communities, emerging destinations and small, quaint towns are now competing with traditional destinations. It is no longer enough just to have an attraction where once the selfie is taken — the place is forgotten. Destinations must be a place where visitors long to return.

A new generation of travelers

A whole new generation and mind-set of travelers is coming to dominate the marketplace. They have new expectations about what a destination must offer, especially in regards to community experience, sustainability, and inclusiveness. And though people are once again starting to travel, modes of transportation are changing, fewer are crossing borders, many are traveling closer to home. Stays may be longer, and the community that surrounds an attraction is becoming a big part of a destination's impact.

A new generation of work-from-home employees

No longer chained to a location, the fast expanding work-from-home segment are looking at new options and opportunities for relocation. Destinations are no longer just about catering to old school visitors, but must also be looked at as a whole, where quality of life for its inhabitants both creates and leaves a lasting impression. Successful destinations will be people-friendly places, where locals feel proud and community brings a sense of belonging for all.

Destinations are now the sum of many parts

Tourism is a vital part of destinations, but destinations and destination promotion are no longer just about attracting tourists, but also about attracting business and its employees. And even tourists are no longer content with being confined to a set area. They are going to go exploring. Through that exploration they will venture into and engage with what the surrounding community has to offer. For a place to thrive as a destination, all the pieces of the puzzle must be in place.

At ConnectSeven we know tourism. We know events. We understand what attracts an event or conference to a destination. We understand what attracts this new generation of travelers, workers, and business to a place. And through research and experience, we understand how all the puzzle pieces of a destination must come together to complete the destination as a whole.

Creating sustainable destinations, with a regenerative visitor economy, where locals feel proud and visitors long to return

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