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Destination Sales and Strategy

Selling Your Destination to the World

If you promote it... will they come?

When it Comes to Selling Your Destination

Research, Strategy, and Experience Matters

We help destinations attract valuable events and tourism via research, strategy and outreach. As we are also destination development consultants we can use our economic and social impact model to identify the right clients for each destination. We are also award winning event producers and can supply effective outreach and sales representation while staging events at tourism, travel, and destination tradeshows — to bring your destination to the forefront of major stakeholder's in the industry.

Knowledgeable Representation

There is no other company like us. Event companies only produce events. MICE consulting companies do not produce events. We do both. This not only gives us a unique perspective on what those staging an event are looking for in a destination, it also means we can seamlessly stage award winning events designed to sell your destination to a qualified target.

The Boutique Advantage

ConnectSeven Group is not a large catch-all cookie cutter company. We do not shuffle your project off to separate departments or junior members who work in isolation from each other. When you contract ConnectSeven the whole team will collaboratively work on your destination sales. Each team member brings special expertise in a certain area, but we all work as a unified team on the project.

Focus Your Destination Sales

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A Step By Step Strategy

The ability to innately understand the intricacies of events and event planners, allows us to provide real, implemental guidance. The importance of this has been exemplified by COVID-19 as destinations now need to understand the technical side of events to attract, host and likely build their own events. We can support where other consultants can not, including on-site health and safety requirements, internal event budgets, risk management, digital components and developing inaugural events for a destination.

Proprietary Models

Leveraging our destination development work, we apply Economic and Social Impact model works to identify the destination's economic and socio-cultural key performance indicators to build the base of the strategy. We then assess the destination based on our Experience Map, which takes capacity well beyond the physical infrastructure of hotels and convention space to the emotional journey for buyers, delegates and communities. These two models create the platform to address the need areas of destinations and the right target market for their sales.

Tourism and Destination Sales Event Experts

Our award winning event management and sales team can plan, manage and produce sales events for your destination based on the accumulative knowledge of our consulting work for your specific destination and target audience. We are renowned for high rates of activation as we present destinations to the world. And this completes the circle, and is what makes ConnectSeven Group the only true turn-key destination sales company.

Sustainable Destinations Development

Sustainable Destinations Framework