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Community Action Support Program

Supporting Community Regeneration and Sustainability

ConnectSeven has always been about using tourism and events to create change. Community regeneration is at the core of every decision we make. Introducing the ConnectSeven Community Action Support Program — our pioneering initiative to champion and support regeneration within communities and to support our clients and destinations committed to sustainable practices.

Our 10% pledge

With a steadfast commitment to regeneration, we pledge at least 10% of our annual profits as financial and/or in-kind support to organizations that share our values of community regeneration and sustainability. This is more than a promise; it's an integral part of our mission. Specifically, this program is to support organizations who are actively working to break down the barriers to community regeneration and sustainability — and amplify their impact.

Support for events and initiatives that contribute to a positive global impact

Our Community Action Support Program will support projects such as:

  • Capacity-building projects like training, tools, and coaching. Offered free to promote sustainable best practices.
  • Sponsorships and resources to clients and projects aligned with sustainable tourism and sustainable event management.
  • Sponsorships and resources to clients and projects aligned with positive community action.
  • Research to elevate the standards and practices within sustainable tourism.
  • New and innovative concepts or collaborations with potential for a far reaching positive impact.

Our selection process

The selection of projects and partners is a thoughtful process, taking into account:

  • Potential for impactful partnerships and relationships.
  • Optimal timing for initiatives that promote sustainability and impact.
  • Our capacity to drive meaningful and lasting change.
  • Current and emerging needs within sustainable tourism and sustainable events.

Our 2023 recipient

In 2023, we softly launched our Community Action Support Program with CanWaCH (Canadian Partnership for Women and Children's Health) as the inaugural recipient, setting a precedent for the kind of impactful work we aim to support. CanWach has been a long-standing client of ConnectSeven and our work together has allowed for innovative and award-winning platforms to enhance women’s health globally including winning the Bravo Award from the Yukon Visitors and Convention Bureau, for the community impact of their 2023 Equal Futures Network Gender Equality Summit.

With costs rising in 2023, ConnectSeven supported CanWach with in-kind event services for the 2024 Healthy World Conference.

Looking Ahead

While the 2024 project(s) are still under consideration, our vision is vast, and our dedication is unwavering. We're exploring numerous exciting opportunities to continue this journey of community regeneration, sustainability and impact.