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Event Benefits Framework

Events for Recovery, Regeneration, Revival

Event success is now dependent on positively impacting your host community with a more prosperous, sustainable, and inclusive future for all

Our Event Benefits Framework will help you to...

  • Establish social impact goals and priorities for your event
  • Identify measurable indicators within each pillar of community
  • Provide best practices and strategies to achieve chosen targets
  • Provide evaluation criteria and recommendations for growth

The Five Pillars of Community Regeneration

Social, economic, and environmental systems working together


Social Support

  • Promote social value organizations that give back to the community.
  • Support local social enterprises and marginalized local businesses.
  • Offer long-term value to community organizations (thinking beyond a four hour give-back program).

Diversity and Inclusiveness

  • Be a contributing factor to the growth and enhancement of diverse groups, races, religions and cultures.
  • Create an inclusive and opportunistic environment for diverse groups, races, religions and cultures.
  • Amplify and educate the voices of diverse and marginalized groups.

Culture and Education

  • Interweave local and traditional food, language, art, and festivals into your event.
  • Promote the history and culture of your host community's people.
  • Provide financial and educational, benefit and opportunity, to local culture and arts.

Economic Recovery

  • Use events and conferences to enhance the local economy and industry sectors.
  • Optimize and track the value of your event to the local economy.
  • Enhance the long-term and international opportunities for the local legacy.

Nature and Environment

  • Use your event to create environmental regeneration.
  • Promote the use of sustainable opportunities, partners, suppliers, etc.
  • Educate and provide useable climate change solutions for your delegates.

Sustainability Policies

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